• Episode 47 – Crime Hates Peanut Chews

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    Guys! Did you know that we’ve been doing this podcast for over a year!? That’s right, on Februrary 5th 2013, a day which will live in infamy, we posted our first episode, ‘Beach Lemonade’, and the rest was history. Back then we tried to have a structure, and do commentary on TV shows, but eff that noise. No we just go with the flow and do what we want. It’s our hot body.

    Anyway, this week Brian and I sit down to discuss what our show is about, the “base” system, Batman’s utility belt, and W.A.R.R.E.N. E.L.L.I.S. We never do figure out what the show is about.

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  • Episode 45 – Enter Hammerman

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    This week Lex Throbson joins us to talk about Metallica, Hammerman, and Dinosaurs. It’s a lot of fun. Brian only uses one racial slur.

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  • Episode 44 – Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

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    Happy New Year! This week we try to have a year in review show but, as usual, we can’t keep things on track. Brian interrupts more than in possibly any other episode. Brian and Alex riff on monster truck commercials for a long time and we generally accomplish nothing, and I spend the whole show trying and failing to keep us focused. Enjoy!

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  • Episode 43 – Rusty Rod

    Download here.

    This week we talk about Batman: Brave and the Bold, windows in jeffries tubes, drunken antics, Only the Strong, and we are too lazy to get Lex his own microphone. Plus, we read a comment from a power listener and name the episode after him (sort of).

  • Episode 41 – Dr. Andy Chili-Turkey Palawotski

    Download here.

    Whoops! We were too busy to get a show out on Tuesday, so here’s one on a Thursday. We should be back on track for next week. We’re joined halfway through by studio masseuse, Lex Throbson. We talk about Misfits, Captain America, Wolverine (spoilers), what space station captains nickname their penises, blood fire hoses and, of course, racism.

  • Episode 40 – SeaBillies

    Download this episode here.

    This week Brian and I are joined by sometimes guest, Lex Throbson, to talk about seabillies, Maximum Overdrive, and the meaning of “meta”. (Sometimes I think I should write these posts in the third person so you don’t know it’s Chris writing. How’s that for meta?)

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  • Episode 39 – D&D Rx

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    This week we talk about Dungeons & Dragons alignments, whether words that rhyme with the n-word are racist (answer: they are when Brian says them) , and medical science.

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